What Should I Look For in a Lawyer?

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Most people need an attorney when they have legal issues. Consequently, many people don’t think much about the legal system and hope to avoid situations that would require them to hire a lawyer.

There are over 1.3 million lawyers in the United States, underscoring the demand for legal services in the U.S. The need for an attorney doesn’t always stem from adverse events, either. Lawyers provide a variety of legal services to different clients based on their legal specialization. Anyone needing a lawyer for the first time may be unsure how to choose an attorney to hire. Let’s examine what you should look for when hiring a lawyer.

Choose a lawyer with the right specialty.


Lawyers need an undergraduate degree, and they must pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and attend law school to earn their law degree. They’ll choose a legal specialty while they’re earning their law degree. Their legal specialization affects some of their graduate studies because they’ll take courses focused on that field of law. It also determines the types of legal cases they handle once they become an attorney.

Perhaps you need an attorney because you suffered serious injuries in a car accident. You’ll want to contact a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation to discuss your case. Your Chicago personal injury lawyer will investigate your accident, talk to witnesses, and gather evidence. They’ll file your lawsuit and prepare your case for trial. Your personal injury attorney will also prepare you for court, ensuring you knew what to expect. Personal injury lawyers fight to ensure their clients receive fair compensation for their medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. Their training ensures they’re familiar with personal injury case law they can use to build a compelling case for trial. Some cases may be resolved through negotiations with the defendant and insurance companies instead of taking the case to trial.

A personal injury attorney’s the ideal lawyer to handle a personal injury lawsuit, medical malpractice case, or wrongful death lawsuit. However, if you need an attorney to help you navigate a divorce or adopt a child, you’ll need a family law attorney. Understanding the legal specialties can help you pinpoint the type of lawyer you need to handle your legal issues.

Look for an attorney with extensive experience.


Find a lawyer with years of experience handling the types of legal issues you’re facing. Experienced attorneys have practical experience from trials and negotiations. They’ll draw on their knowledge and practical experience when preparing your case.

For example, Malliha Wilson has decades of experience with complex litigation. Malliha spent several years working for the Ontario government as assistant deputy attorney general and senior appellate litigation counsel. Malliha’s also appeared before Canada’s Supreme Court. This valuable experience ensures she understands what happens if a defendant appeals their verdict and how to prepare a case for appeal.

Today, Malliha’s a senior partner with Nava Wilson LLP. She handles various legal matters, including labour law, human rights, and corporate law cases.

Find a lawyer with sufficient resources.


You don’t have to hire the most prominent law firm in town to receive exceptional legal services, but you should consider the law firm’s size when choosing an attorney. Large law firms have senior and junior partners, in addition to paralegals and legal assistants. Larger firms may also employ investigators. Preparing legal cases is time-consuming, and it can be more cost-effective and efficient for lawyers to utilize a large team rather than perform all the research themselves. Your priority should be ensuring whichever lawyer you hire has the resources needed to handle your case. You want to hire an attorney who prioritizes your case.

Hiring the right attorney ensures you receive expert legal services from a licensed lawyer. Consider the lawyer’s specialty, level of experience, and resources to ensure you choose the right attorney for your legal needs.

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