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It seems like an ideal situation. Finding an older man to pamper you with all the finer things you want, in exchange for companionship, or potentially an even more physical relationship.

While the sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship could be of interest to you, it is important to not dive headfirst into sugar dating without understanding what could be expected. It’s important to enter this kind of trust with certain boundaries, and a mutual grasp on the benefits for you as a sugar baby, and for your sugar daddy. Here are some safety tips for sugar babies as you put yourself on the market for a potential sugar daddy.

Setting Up Your Dating Profile


When setting up a dating profile to find your potential sugar daddy, be sure to consider the level of privacy you want to maintain. When downloading dating apps, like SeekingArrangement, look into how much personal information is required for you to set up your account. For the sake of anonymity, you may even consider using a separate email address from your current email account, or even using a new phone number to maintain communication.

If you have an email address through Gmail, you can set up a Google Voice phone number that you can text and call on, without giving out your actual number. There is also Kik, a chat app that does not require your phone number and can be connected through your current or separate email account.

In some cases, sugar babies have opted for creating alter egos online for the sake of their safety and privacy. Do whatever you feel is in your best interest to avoid unwanted suitors. Consider what you want to be seen in the pictures you post to your profile. Some dating sites allow you to blur your face or any other identifying images but also keep in mind any identifiable features such as tattoos or birthmarks.

Take the time to list out what you want to include on your profile to make clear what you are looking for from this sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship. An in-depth profile about who you are and what you’re seeking will help to filter out the phonies and render some suitors ineligible and pave the way for the right match.

Just remember when setting up this profile to consider just how to open about yourself you wish to be out the gate. There’s no harm in mentioning some of your likes and dislikes and even some hobbies. However, do not disclose any personal or identifying information right out the gate. This is still internet dating, so it is important to enter with your guard up, but an open mind behind it.

Setting Up the First Date


Be sure to take things at your own comfort level when setting up a first date with your potential sugar daddy. When you feel the time is right for a first meeting, be sure to settle on a public place that is right for you. If he wants to meet at a hotel or a residence, take a step back and reconsider the situation. It’s best to start things slow and build trust, so look into a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop that meets both of your tastes. Be sure to have your own methods of transportation to and from your agreed-upon spot, in the event things don’t go well.

When it comes to what to wear, consider both of your tastes as well. Go through your suitor’s dating profile and look at what their style is like and consider options for yourself that may be a good complement. For example, if your potential sugar daddy works in the finance world, he’s probably accustomed to a suit and tie in his daily routine. A casual-chic little black or red dress could be just the things to make his eyes pop when seeing you in person for the first time.

Be sure to dress for your comfort and confidence. From full coverage bras with a high neckline or bralettes without underwire to the right pair of heels that won’t crush your feet but will make you feel your sexiest, always remember to dress for you first. It is important that you love what you’re wearing most of all, as it will boost your self-esteem and give you an almost emotional high going into the first meeting. Relaxation is key to having this potential relationship take steps towards success.

Combating Sugar Baby Anxiety


It’s understandable if you have some uneasiness about approaching a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship. It is not your average dating situation, and between your own qualms and public image, it can be a lot to handle. Try to look into options to combat your overly active mind.

CBD, or cannabidiol, helps to alleviate some of that restlessness. CBD is a compound found in the hemp plant that provides the calming effects of marijuana, without the presence of THC — the addictive, psychoactive agent associated with smoking.

CBD products are available in various forms from creams and tablets to edibles and essential oils. For example, all-natural CBD-infused Ayurvedic oil is known to assist with achieving tranquility and restful sleep to counteract ailments that may be brought on by discomfort, unhappiness, or occasional anxiousness.

Ayurveda has become a newly considered form of complementary and alternative medicine in the United States, whose origins date back 3,000 years in India. In fact, Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. It is based on the belief that health and wellness are achieved through promoting good health, not fighting disease by creating a delicate balance between body, mind, and spirit.

These essential oils could provide soothing comfort for creating a natural state of balance while interacting with herbs and other natural materials like lavender and ginger that deal with pain relief and indigestion.

The Benefits of Being a Sugar Baby


If you find your new sugar daddy and find yourself hitting it off and creating a mutually beneficial relationship, it is now time to enjoy the perks.

While some sugar babies use this new source of wealth to help pay down student debt, tuition, or rent, others may take the approach of an allowance to cover everything from nights out with the girls to a brand new wardrobe. In some cases, this can be a monthly amount, or based on a per date situation. It all depends on the mutually agreed-upon parameters of your sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship.

Sugar dating can go as far as receiving gifts, trips across the United States, and even access to five-star restaurants and the highest-end hotels; whatever satisfies the sugar baby and keeps the sugar daddy smiling and satisfied.

Remember, beyond the amazing material goods and the once-in-a-lifetime journeys, it’s important to recognize the relationship as more than just dollars and cents. Some sugar babies are in platonic agreements, strictly operating on a companion basis with their sugar daddy. Most potential sugar daddies, however, financially provide for the sake of intimacy.

The only thing that a sugar baby has to be concerned about is making sure both sides are feeling the benefits of their agreed-upon relationship, and having discussions if those motives change for either baby or daddy.

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