Unique Gift Ideas for Your Friends

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Giving gifts is so much fun, isn’t it? That is, giving gifts is so much fun if you have an idea that’s to die for. If you’re out of gift ideas and someone you love has a fast-approaching birthday, or Christmas is afoot, it’s not much of a thriller to go gift shopping. Actually, being in the lurch when you have to buy a present for someone you love is one of the worst places to find yourself.

So, how can you take this challenge, and find a present so unique that the recipient wants to give you an Academy Award for Best Gift Giver? There are a bunch of solutions to this age-old problem. Let’s take a look at a few below.

Give a gift to their pet.


If you can’t think of something to give someone, how about getting a present for that person’s pets? Pet parents love to pamper their little buddies, and giving a great gift to a dog, cat, or reptile that your loved one loves is a simple way to sidestep your whole problem.

For example, a new puppy could probably use some little mittens to keep their paws warm on winter walks. A beloved cat could use a cat tower to scratch up and nap on. Any reptile pets need specialized food, which can be expensive and hard to get. If you have a friend with a beloved reptile, getting them a supply of wax worms (also spelled waxworms) will be a very welcomed gift and will help them provide nutritious meals to their reptilian pet.

Encourage the one you love to step out of their cocoon.


Of course, if you don’t know anyone with a reptile, then wax worms aren’t a very useful present. In this case, try and take note of anything your pal says to hint at a road less taken they wished they’d meandered down. Maybe they haven’t allowed themselves to go down the rabbit hole of skydiving, or they’re afraid of trying out their dream of being the best actress in the motion picture industry. Buy them a skydiving course, offer to go with them to auditions, read lines with them, or buy them a memoir of the actors they love—Julia Roberts, Russell Crowe, Val Kilmer, or anyone else.

Give the gift of wellness.


There’s nothing like a spa day. Unfortunately, not a lot of folks feel comfortable going to get pampered at a spa during the age of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been a destroyer of the spa industry. So, maybe in past years, you would have gotten your loved one a spa coupon, but now this pest of a pandemic has put a lid on that idea.

Nevertheless, you can get your friend or loved one the gift of wellness by buying them some limited series CBD salves, promoted and supported by the one and only Nicole Kidman. The legendary actress of Big Little Lies and Moulin Rouge fame is partnering with the CBD brand that saved her from pain after a recent ankle injury. If CBD wellness products are safe and good enough for Nicole Kidman, they’re good enough for just about anyone.

Send them on a trip of a lifetime.


If you really want to go the extra mile (pun intended), send your loved one on the trip they’ve always wanted to take. Honolulu, anyone? Maybe they want to visit the homeland of their Australian parents or take a road trip across the United States. There’s nothing like the experience of travel, so giving this (albeit expensive) gift is sure to be a winner.

It’s hard to give a unique gift, especially to someone you’ve known for a long time. However, it can be done, with a little thinking outside the box and willingness to try something new.

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