The Best Gifts for Elderly Family Members

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Shopping for elderly family members can be challenging. You may be looking for a birthday present for a grandparent who’s downsizing and has limited space or shopping for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, which could make it tricky to find a gift that’s meaningful for them.

Whether you’re shopping during the holiday season or looking for a wedding present or the best gift for another special occasion, the best way to find the perfect gift is to focus on the recipient’s interests and needs. If you’re still undecided, the gift ideas discussed here could also help you identify the perfect present.

Preserved Memories


Google “best photo book” to learn about companies that produce custom photo books. Gather your family member’s favorite photos and cherished family photos. Assemble the images in a personalized photo album. Photobook companies, such as Shutterfly, make it easy to produce a personalized book that older adults will love. Their software includes template options you can use to simplify the design process. You can also create your own photo layout and add captions for each photo.

Photo presents are also a good option for grandparents and older family members. You can use a special photograph to make a keepsake box where they can store mementos or jewelry. You can also use family photos to create a calendar your family member can enjoy year-round.



Many older adults enjoy spending time with their loved ones. Planning special outings may mean more than any gift they could unwrap. You can take your grandparents or parents out to lunch at a favorite restaurant. You can also plan trips to places you visited when you were young. For example, at the start of the holiday season, you could plan to take your family member to a Christmas train display or the Santa Claus parade.

You could also plan a trip to a Christmas tree farm if your family enjoyed cutting its own Christmas tree every year. Christmas tree farms make it possible to turn to choose a Christmas tree into a family adventure.

Great summer options include camping trips and hiking trips. If your loved one is active, they may love the idea of renting a boat and spending the day on the water or having a picnic at one of their favorite parks. You could also head to a local farm to pick peaches and enjoy a tractor ride.

There are also a lot of fun options if you’re heading into fall. You could try to solve a corn maze, find the perfect pumpkin, and spend some time playing with baby goats.

Mental Stimulation


Many older adults have health issues that limit their mobility or affect their memory. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone with Alzheimer’s, you could consider using a family photo to make a personalized puzzle. You could also create a memory box filled with special keepsakes and family photos.

You can also provide mental stimulation with adult coloring books. Many adults find coloring relaxing, and coloring also promotes good hand-eye coordination.

Music is another great gift option for an older adult with memory issues. Buy an iPod, and load it up with some of their favorite songs from their youth. Listening to music can help stimulate memories, and many people also find music soothing. If you don’t think your loved one will use an iPod, you could invest in a record player and record collection.

Practical Help


Many older adults reach a point where they can’t live independently. You can help extend their independence by hiring a caregiver to help them with their daily living needs. Caregivers may cook meals, clean the house, take your loved one to medical appointments, and arrange social outings for your family member. Hiring a caregiver ensures their needs are met.

Shopping for elderly family members can be tricky, but there are many great gift options to choose from. You can focus on preserving memories or presents that provide mental stimulation. Your loved one may need a caregiver to help them with daily living tasks, or you could give your family members the gift of time by planning special outings and activities you enjoy together.

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