Moving to Chicago? 3 things to know

a person standing in front of a train

So you decided to move. You’re digging up your roots and you chose Chicago as your next home. For starters, welcome! Be it for a new job or a change of scenery, you’ve selected one of the most exciting cities in America. Chicago is full of diversity, activities, and more sports games than you can count, but there are some important things to keep in mind before your make the trip.

Extra Storage Is a Must

There are numerous reasons to consider extra storage space, especially depending on your part of town. If you move into the River North or West Loop neighborhoods, you’re already paying higher rent for less space than you’d find in the suburbs. So while you’re in the hottest part of the city, you’ll have to make some tough decisions on what you do with your prized belongings.

Do your research before picking a storage facility. If you move to Edgewater, you probably don’t want to choose storage all the way down in Hyde Park, even if the prices are lower. You likely want to find a cheap storage unit near you for easy access or in case you need to swap items in and out. The closer the unit is to your home, the more use you will inevitably make of it!

New Resident, Meet the CTA

While storage is at a premium throughout Chicago, so is parking. In fact, many new transplants make the wise decision of ditching their vehicles in favor of public transportation. If that sounds like you, the CTA is your new best friend. For the uninitiated, stick to the trains until you’re more familiar with the city. When you throw in the bus routes, the maps start looking a lot more hectic.

But be warned, while the CTA opens up access to almost the entire city, it’s not known for its punctuality. It’s much like that friend who says he or she is only five minutes away while still getting dressed at home. If you think you want to rely on public transportation to get around Chicago, it’s always a good idea to leave early. And if public transit’s not for you, then consider getting a bike. Just keep in mind that the “Windy City” nickname is no joke and Chicago has some infamously chilly winters.

Choose Your Neighborhood Wisely

Chicago is divided up into dozens of unique neighborhoods that are rich in history and brimming with personality. Your reason for moving to the city will likely influence where you end up. If you’re a big Cubs fan, you probably want to look for neighborhoods in the North Side with easy access to Wrigley Field. Neighborhoods in the West Side are full of distinct cultural identities and delectable ethnic cuisine, though many dwellings in the area are a little short on storage.

For the more cosmopolitan transplant, you want to explore downtown if you’ve got the financial means. Love shopping? The Magnificent Mile isn’t just a fun marketing name. It’s chock-full of the best retail therapy the city has to offer. Plus, you’ll be near Millenium Park which regularly hosts some of the most exciting art events in the nation.

Welcome to Town

No matter the reason for your move, you’ve selected a great new home. Chicago is full of life, energy, and personality. From the dyeing of the river for Saint Patrick’s Day to the citywide celebrations when a local team wins a game, there’s never a shortage of things to do. Whether you’re making the switch for business, family, or a new adventure, the Windy City welcomes you.

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