a living room with a fireplace

Homeowners appreciate the importance of warmth and coolness within their living spaces, so they’re always concerned about the optimal functioning of their HVAC systems and fireplaces for good reasons.

A faulty fireplace during the cold winter months would negatively affect your family’s comfort, so it’d help detect and address any fireplace issues promptly. Below are some common fireplace faults and how to repair them to enjoy warm air within your home when it matters most.

Fix your damper.


Your chimney’s damper is the mechanism you open before starting a fire and close afterward to maintain your home’s energy efficiency. Over time, you may experience considerable difficulty when trying to open and close your damper. To address this, first, clean out your fireplace as thoroughly as possible. Then, clean out the damper, which is found near the top of the fireplace. If you notice the damper is stuck, you can apply some lubricant and clean off any extra debris. Alternatively, you can reach out to a trusted chimney sweep company to handle your damper issues. Reliable chimney technicians such as Rooftop Chimney Sweeps can help with this requirement.

Rooftop Chimney Sweeps is an expert chimney sweep company specializing in multiple services, saving clients the hassle of hiring different companies for tasks. Their services include chimney, brick, masonry repair, wood fireplace replacements and installations, gas fireplace logs installations, and replacements. Also, Rooftop Chimney Sweeps provides helpful articles on their websites to assist clients with various fireplace needs, such as winterizing your fireplace. They propose that you clean the blower if your fireplace has one and test carbon monoxide detectors. Also, they recommend cleaning your fireplace blower and checking and replacing gaskets for wood-burning fireplaces.

Get rid of creosote.

Creosote that clings to your chimney liner’s walls is a significant cause of faulty furnaces. Creosote is the sticky substance formed when wood combusts and is a leading cause of chimney fire since it’s highly flammable. As such, you can hire a certified chimney technician with the right tools and know-how to rid your chimney of creosote buildup. After eliminating your creosote concerns, you can now focus on other essential issues, such as launching an e-commerce business to compete in the digital retail space. Interesting websites such as US Aura can offer more insights into getting your online store up and running.

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Seal any cracks in bricks and mortar.

Over time, age and heat cause materials that constitute your chimney and fireplace to crack and erode. Tiny cracks on your chimney’s exterior can allow water to seep into the structure and cause significant damage. Also, cracks can release excess heat and put your entire home at risk of a fire outbreak. As such, you can use fresh mortar to seal minor cracks in your chimney and fireplace or call in an expert to repair it quickly.

Fireplaces are essential in households to keep you and your family warm when it matters most. The above-listed points are common ways to fix your faulty furnace and enjoy optimum in-house heating.

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