How To Heal From Nursing Home Neglect

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If you or someone you love is the victim of nursing home neglect, there are some things you should know. Unfortunately, reports of negligence occur more often than you’d assume. Many patients who experience neglect may display bedsores, dehydration, sudden weight loss, unwashed hair, and poor personal hygiene. If you notice any of these signs, then it’s time to step in to ensure you or your loved one is receiving appropriate care.

On the other hand, you or your family member may have experienced nursing home neglect in the past and are currently healing from the trauma of nursing home neglect. After all, it can be quite traumatic and degrading when individuals who are supposed to care for you don’t perform their job. It can leave lasting effects on patients who expect to be treated with respect and appropriate behavior. Healing from any kind of negligence isn’t simple, so continue reading for advice on how to help the healing process.

Meet with a licensed therapist every week.


If you or your loved one experienced consistent neglect and maltreatment, it’s likely taken a toll on their mental health. As a whole, many assume the physical aspects of nursing home neglect are the worst. However, the mental component that coexists with poor treatment can exacerbate an anxiety disorder, negative thoughts, depression, and a traumatic stress disorder.

The good news is that there are ways to support their mental health by enlisting the guidance of a licensed therapist who will work through CBT therapy sessions with you or your family member. Together, your therapist or psychologist will work on improving possible behavior patterns and thought patterns that may have emerged during this time of high stress. This way, you or your loved one can learn relaxation techniques and tools to get back to feeling good from the inside out.

Get justice for nursing home neglect.


Nursing home negligence is wrongful. Any worker or facility that is intentionally ignoring or mistreating patients doesn’t merit the right to keep working in this occupation with a vulnerable population. If you believe the level of care you received warrants the assistance of a nursing home neglect attorney, then it’s a wise choice to get in contact with a law firm you can trust.

With a reliable team of lawyers, you can work to create a legal strategy that will get you or your loved one justice. Some of the conditions that warrant a legal team include medical neglect, physical abuse, mental abuse, social or emotional abuse, and even financial abuse. If any of these problems plagued you or your family member, make sure to get fair compensation and end the cycle of this maltreatment for the justice you and all of the nursing home patients deserve.

Try to build trust again.


Healing can be challenging after nursing home abuse. Many patients may be reluctant to going to any other facility due to their past experiences. Some patients who need constant care may refuse to go back to a facility. All of this is quite understandable, as it can bring back traumatic memories and events that are triggering for the affected.

One alternative to a nursing home facility is to hire an at-home nurse who will provide care for your loved one. At-home care nurses can offer treatment for people of all ages. Generally speaking, these at-home caretakers can help with simple tasks like personal hygiene, medication regulation, proper nutrition, and medical treatment. Allow your loved one to meet with the at-home caregiver before you hire them. This way, they can build a level of trust with them while actively getting the support they need.

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