How To Customize Your Vitamin Subscription Box

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Right now, you may be taking a daily multivitamin and feeling like that’s sufficient enough. However, some people need a vitamin regimen that suits their habits, based on their age, persona, and daily activities. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to consult your physician to see what vitamins and supplements you can add to your routine. However, going to the pharmacy and other retailers to find those capsules as a customer can be tough. That’s why companies are making it easier by having a custom vitamin subscription show up at your doorstep.

Taking an Assessment


To try a new route of health and wellness, you may want to build a custom vitamin subscription box that suits your individual nutrient needs. Through a personal assessment, an algorithm helps to determine the right dosage for a particular vitamin or supplement based on your personal habits and underlying medical conditions. The goal of this assessment is to better understand each user for their own profile. This takes personal health beyond the average multivitamin, seeking to promote better overall health by offering up bundles that better help in facets of your well-being that you may be struggling with.

Through this assessment, which is essentially a brief questionnaire, you can start to build a custom vitamin pack that is built based on your lifestyle and your health goals. This will help to determine the supplements that are best suited to your personal needs. This assessment quiz determines what vitamins and minerals could do better for your gut health, brain health, or other facets, helping you take the guesswork out of your individual needs.

Starter Pack Recommendations


The goal of this questionnaire is to build your monthly subscription box with the help of the most in-depth picture possible of a customer. From there, you’ll be afforded recommendations of supplements that you may need based on your personal health goals and current lifestyle. These individual products may not be of interest to you, and that’s okay. These are recommendations for a person to consider, and not a must-have. You can even adjust as you see fit. For example, you may want more vitamins and minerals to build immunity rather than focusing on bone health.

Building a starter kit for a subscription box is also focused on the nutritional needs of a person here and now. The blend of supplements you take can change over time. After all, our health needs change as we get older or experience changes to our wellness goals. You can change your personalized pack as you see fit, adding in prenatal vitamins for women who become pregnant or adding zinc for men who are looking for a natural method of boosting their vitality. This is a modern approach to the vitamin regimen.

Getting Vitamins Right at Your Door


While you may feel like you know the vitamins and supplements that you need, it’s a tremendous hassle to go from retailer to retailer, or various pharmacies just to find the brand and the dose of what you want to take. That’s where a custom vitamin pack is an even greater investment. You can have 30 daily vitamin kits that you have personally curated arrive right at your front door each month. You can also change those packs as you see fit, exploring a variety of supplements of the highest quality.

In addition to your kits, you’ll receive a booklet that will keep you abreast of different products and vitamins that may be of interest to you. After all, you may want to switch up your curated vitamin packs based on ailments, medication use, or even just trying to build up a healthy new habit as part of your everyday routine. Best of all, you can even score free shipping on orders of $20 or more, saving some green while bettering your overall wellness.