How Tech Is Changing the Face of Business

a computer monitor with a map on it

Over the years, technology has evolved and brought forth many new ideas and solutions that have taken life and business to the next level. In our personal lives, we rely on technology for most of our activities, from exercise to eating and even work. In the business world, we’ve seen the introduction of robots managing the input and processing of data, changing how businesses interact and connect. This article takes a closer look at how technology has changed the face of business since its inception. We cover all aspects of the business from recruiting to IT outsourcing, organization, and more.

Remote Working


Remote work is a concept that has been in existence for over a decade, but with the onset of the coronavirus, it has gained popularity within a short period. With the national lockdowns and need for isolation came the need to work remotely, causing many companies to create strategies that made the shift easy. Companies of all types, from Coca-Cola and Citibank, Adidas to Belarus, and Deloitte to Motorola, are now recognizing the immense benefits that come with remote working, both for their employees’ workload and their finances.

Remote working demands different types of technologies and infrastructure that support working from anywhere at any time effortlessly. From remote login applications to high bandwidth for seamless video call meetings and from the use of project management software and project management tools like Trello to the outsourcing services offered by an outsourced software company, there are so many ways technology has made the switch easier.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has reshaped the consumer markets and the general world of business. Considered a mainstream of daily living, artificial intelligence, once applied in your business, gives you an imperative strategy that enables you to maintain a competitive advantage, no matter the industry you find yourself in. AI does many things, some of which include its ability to deploy machine learning, security, CRM, real estate, and financial sectors of business.

With AI, you can track all intents of purchase and actual purchases made by buyers, and this is done simply by looking at their search patterns, the pages they open, and those they view. While some believe the onset of AI means many will lose their jobs, we are almost certain that its invention will lead to a higher demand for skilled professionals of a different caliber. This will further increase the need for job creation and new roles in business success.

Customer Service

Thanks to technology, the methods by which businesses interact and offer quality service to their consumers have changed over the years. In recent times, most businesses have made themselves available for customer assistance through social media platforms. These varying platforms give customers multiple channels to get technical support as and when needed.

Furthermore, companies with eCommerce websites mostly offer a 24-hour help service, which allows you to receive instant assistance in a cost-efficient way. This now increases the user experience and enhances their satisfaction. Also, thanks to the introduction of UX, UI, and user experience design, consumers have wonderful experiences on websites and company apps, which keep them coming back to make purchases.



Brands have changed their advertising methods, thanks to the onset of social media and digital marketing. There’s a lot of value to advertising with social media, which has led many companies to consider the best ways to put forth their products. The more social media platforms your business is on, the more visible it is to the vast majority of your intended audience. The strategies technology has introduced include native advertising, influencer marketing, and pre-roll videos.

Another reason why marketing has changed is that companies now have access to a lot of data of their target market with the internet. With this form of data analysis, they get to track their online journeys and know what they search for, what they shop for, and the services in demand. This allows them to create sales strategies that appeal to the masses for higher conversion rates.

All in all, technology has certainly changed the business world for the better, and the above-listed are just a few ways.