How Often Do You Need To Perform Home Maintenance?

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When buying a home, it is essential to understand the necessary maintenance that comes with it. Certain aspects of your home have different maintenance schedules, and it is vital to keep up with regular maintenance for not just the value of your home but also safety. Various aspects of your home that require maintenance come from the bottom to the top, like roofing, appliances, and more. Below, you will read about the different types of care in your home and how often it needs to be done.



Appliances are an essential part of your home and how it functions. If your appliances aren’t up to par, this could prevent you from keeping food storage, cooking, and cleaning. Different appliances that need maintenance are ovens, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Simply keeping things clean in regard to appliances on a monthly or even daily basis can prevent expensive appliance repairs or replacements. For example, ovens should be cleaned once a month with a degreasing solution to remove burnt food particles and debris to continue to work their best. Another appliance to clean every month is your refrigerator. It is essential to keep the inside clean, but the outside coils can collect dust and debris, making your refrigerator work harder. Vacuuming this dust can help your fridge work with ease. Daily maintenance includes clearing the lint trap from your dryer and removing food particles from the drain in your dishwasher.

Not keeping up with regular maintenance could leave you needing repairs. Appliance repair in Portland, OR, is an excellent start to finding the perfect repair services for your appliances.



Talking to a roofing contractor can give you a good idea of what maintenance needs to be done on your roof. A professional can tell you how old the roof is, what damage is potentially there, and how to fix it. To prevent needing expensive roof repairs, you can always perform regular maintenance on the roof of your house. When it comes to checking on your roof, it is recommended that you check vulnerable spots at least twice a year with the change of seasons because different weather affects your roof differently. Depending on the type of roof you have, you will want to look for weak spots, missing shingles, and potential leaks inside the house. Having a professional roofing contractor is a great way to help find these problem areas, and they can quote you with a price to fix any problem areas right away.

Outside the Home


Inspecting and maintaining the outside of your home is just as important as the inside of your home. Many professionals recommend that an outside inspection be performed once a year in the springtime before the summer sets in. When inspecting the outside of your home, you will want to check on your home’s gutters to make sure they are in good shape and free from weak spots or leaking. Another necessary outdoor chore is checking the paint on the exterior of your home. You will want to look for signs of chipping or peeling to make sure you don’t need a fresh new coat to protect your home. Once all this outdoor inspection is done, it is recommended to pressure wash your home to keep it clean. Dirt and grime built up on the outside of your home can wear away paint and even damage masonry. So, once you have a warm and dry day, grab the pressure washer and get to work to keep your home looking its best.

Keeping your home well maintained not only keeps your property value up but will also keep you safe and prevent expensive repairs and replacements. The upkeep of your home is essential all year round, and doing the necessary maintenance will keep your home looking its best.

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