Good Career Options for Recent Graduates

a group of women in graduation gowns and caps

It’s not easy to graduate from college in the middle of a global pandemic. New college grads are having a harder time than ever before trying to navigate a new and unconventional job market and economy. For many, intended and dream career prospects are bleak. This doesn’t mean that getting yourself into the job market is impossible. With no real guidebook on how others have done it before, recent grads are using creative thinking and an open mind to get further.

If you’re a new college grad unsure of your next steps or aren’t sure of the best way to get a job in your field, read on for ideas on ways to get started in less conventional ways.

STEM and Tech Jobs


No matter what your degree is in, odds are that you gained a little technology experience along the way. As a fresh college grad, you certainly know about things like the difference between text messages and SMS, cloud contact center software, and social media page analytics. Believe it or not, this puts you ahead of many people in older generations. Whether you have a STEM degree or not, if you’re having trouble finding a job, a great next step is to play those tech or STEM skills up.

Obviously, if your degree is in something highly skilled and technical like computer technologies, CRM integration, metrics, and coding, you’ll likely be able to find a position in nearly any niche soon enough. For someone less tech-savvy, though, consider leveraging the skills you do have. For example, if applying for a job as a human resource professional in a therapist’s office, let them know you’re also able to work well in areas that involve data management and sciences. Even if it’s just that you speak the data science language, it might be enough to put you ahead of the competition.

Monetizing Platforms


Maybe you’ve spent years building a massive platform on YouTube where you record videos of yourself and your friend playing video games or reviewing them. It could be that you love taking risks and have made it a habit of having your friends record your most dangerous tricks. You could take your hobbies and interests to the next level. What about monetizing your platforms? Instagram and YouTube can be quite lucrative when used for ad dollars and sponsorships.

While you may never have had any intention of becoming a filmmaker or videographer, teaming up with friends to document your struggles as new grads in a pandemic could work, too. Use the platforms you have the same way you would after figuring out how to make money with a drone. A possible answer is having it record those stunts from the above.

The good news is you have more time on your hands now, making it the right time to experiment with startups and any hurdles or obstacles coming your way. Keep an open mind as you explore options.

Construction and Real Estate


Another way to get to work instead of sitting around worrying about a wasted degree is to think about what you’re naturally good at. If you grew up as a builder’s son and were taught how to use a hammer and saws early on, it’s time to pull those skills out. A quick Google search of builders in your specialty in your area like ‘commercial roofing brisbane‘ could lead to quick results that point you in the right direction.

Even if they aren’t hiring, you might just land the job if you explain your situation and tell them early on in the conversation about your skillset. Currently, the real estate market in the United States is booming. Because of this, many builders are so busy they don’t even have the time to advertise for a bigger support team. Carpenters, carpentry helpers, and more are being hired by word of mouth referrals faster than ever. Even if being a builder wasn’t in your original plan, it will make a positive impact on your overall situation. Not only will it prove to future employers that you’re able to change gears, but you might just find you enjoy a building career.

Wholistic Health and Community Action


Fresh out of school, it’s likely you’re coming into the world with a community-minded or social justice mindset. Consider this when exploring career options. Instead of frustration about not being able to get that in-person teaching job, consider causes you’re passionate about.

Perhaps you’re interested in best practices for growing health and nutrition companies simply because you shopped in health co-ops your senior year. If you always wondered how they managed orders, how they kept their prices down and handled quality assurance, it might be a good idea to revisit those questions. For you, even a volunteer job in the health nutrition field promoting healthy food and diets could keep your resume sharp while looking for full-time employment.

If environmental causes or world peace are top priorities for you, and you always fantasized about becoming a global leader, the internet is at your hands. Your generation has the chance to have your voices heard on digital channels like never before. Think about starting a blog, vlog, or using those platforms to educate and advocate about things you’re passionate about. You might be surprised that this is how many small businesses begin. When people focus on things they care about or get involved in community activism, plans can change quickly due to the satisfaction they experience in knowing they’re making a difference.

Investing and Income Streams


If telling the world about healthy eating, becoming a drone pilot, beating YouTube algorithms, or other creative ideas don’t sound like they could exactly add up to substantial livelihoods, consider adding to the multiple streams of income. A quick visit to a place like is the best way to look at options when it comes to where you could make the stock market work for you. From investing to being creative with multiple forms of revenue, the most successful entrepreneurs always have their eye on the best choice back up plans.

From humble beginnings, successful industry leaders often tell stories about the crazy things they did to keep their credit scores up, cashflows moving, and to attract new customers. Think about gig work, passive income like becoming a mobile advertiser, affiliate marketing on those platforms, writing a book about all you learned about water supplies in your environmental science classes, and more. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Attend webinars, understand the current situation is short term, and give yourself enough time to explore every option.

At the end of the day, considering multiple ways to patch together an income during the global pandemic could be your best bet. From gig work and freelance jobs to make a dedicated effort to a more formal job search, the most you can do is keep trying and realize the pandemic will eventually pass. In the meantime, don’t forget to celebrate your big achievement. You’ve already passed one of life’s first adult tests.