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For some, holiday shopping is downright difficult. If you’re like many others, you probably go back and forth between different gift ideas until the panic sets in. Gift-giving is even more difficult when you’re shopping for a CEO. Young CEOs may be more likely to have discerning tastes.

While you might be tempted to go with a business holiday card, you should put some more thought and consideration into your gift-giving process. You’re going to need to consider delivery times, signature gifts, and other factors to make this holiday season especially memorable.

An Elegant Watch


If you want a great way to celebrate a CEO, you should consider a high-quality watch. If you go to sites like www.thewatchbox.com, you can find signature watches that will really stand out. Depending on the watchmaker, you can ask for an engraving during the checkout process. You can ask for an engraving of the company logo or company name. Some brands even offer free shipping during the holiday season. If you pair this with a classy Christmas card, this is an excellent idea to spread the cheer. If you put a personal touch on the watch, it’ll stand out even more. If you’re working with a CEO that has exquisite taste, luxury watches are the way to go. Whether the CEO is your coworker or a close friend, getting the highest-quality product from the watchmaking world is an ideal way to give a gift that they’ll enjoy for a lot of time.

Business Christmas Cards

While corporate Christmas cards might not seem like the most flashy gift for your business partners, a business greeting card is a great way to stand out. It’s a more personal Christmas card that has the company name, a greeting, and warm wishes. It’s an excellent way for a CEO to help their brand stand out. Corporate holiday greetings can celebrate the hard work of the past year, the excitement of the coming year, and special milestones throughout the year.

There are plenty of options to choose from when you’re picking out company Christmas cards. You could include a staff showcase, list the company name, or select photo Christmas cards. Corporate holiday cards even act as keepsakes that celebrate this special time of year. If the CEO in your life wants to tell everyone “Happy Holidays,” a corporate holiday card is a perfect gift.

A Special Ornament


If a holiday greeting card or a Rolex doesn’t seem like the right fit, you can choose something that will show your gratitude for years to come. A personalized ornament can convey best wishes on behalf of you and your team members. An ornament is also a gift that will be used each and every year. There are plenty of partnerships that work with specially minted ornaments. You can find foil ornaments, postcards, and other special gifts that will stand out. It has a bit more longevity than a holiday card and is a bit more meaningful than new watches. It’s a simple gift that can truly stand out.

Quality Time

Chances are, many CEOs aren’t thinking as much about material goods during the busy end-of-the-year period. In fact, they might be thinking about how nice a holiday break could be. Finding ways to simply spend time together, relax, or do something fun could be the perfect gift idea. You can explore plenty of options that will each feel like a reward for their hard work. Whether it’s a New Year’s outing or singing some verses at a karaoke bar, quality time is always appreciated.

Finding a gift for a CEO takes time and exploration. If you want to brighten up the holiday season, keep some of these fun ideas in mind.

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