Enjoying Life After Your Viatical Settlement

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In a viatical settlement, the life insurance policy owner names a third party as the beneficiary of their life insurance policy in exchange for a lump sum financial payout. In some cases, the third-party could be an unknown unrelated party, but in other cases, the third party could be a viatical settlement provider. While viatical settlements are not unusual, they are hardly ever talked about. Viatical settlements are especially beneficial to senior citizens, the terminally ill, or those unable to keep up with their insurance premium payments.

The viatical settlement industry may be a hard one to venture into. Fortunately, reliable viatical settlement companies like American Life Fund have made themselves available to walk you through your life settlement transaction, should you find yourself in a position to need one. This company has experience dealing with cancer patients and other patients with life-threatening illnesses, and they will help you get the relevant paperwork together like your medical records. Additionally, they will educate you on what your policy is worth and help you get the best offer on your viatical settlement. To see if you or a loved one qualify for viaticals from American Life Fund, visit their website or call their agents for more information.

A viatical settlement can award a life-changing lump sum that allows you or a loved one to significantly improve their final years, offer them financial freedom from the devastation of mounting medical bills or even allow one to realize a long-deferred dream. Keep reading as we explore three things you can do to enjoy your viatical settlement.

1. See the world.


Travel blogs can be a great source of travel destination inspiration. For instance, Some Overdue Holiday‘s exploration of Prague and the Czech beer-drinking culture can be a great place to learn what to expect if you’re planning a trip to Prague. Travel blogs like these offer lived experience and can act as a guide to local haunts like Czech breweries that provide the best Pilsner beer and dark beers, the socially appropriate ways to pour your Pilsner, or even offer basic lingo to help you not look awkward during a beer toast (na zdraví, for instancewhich translates toto good health). Prague is a great place for beer lovers and is also a wonderful cultural hub with a rich history.

2. Start a hobby.


Living with, or being a caregiver to a loved one with a terminal illness can be challenging, especially to your mental health. The identity of illness and wellness can create a liminal space that makes it difficult to hold onto your sense of self, especially if the illness comes in bursts. Developing a hobby can help you feed your self-worth by reminding you of the abilities that you still have.

Gardening, for instance, can be a great place to start. It needn’t be anything large or fanciful, an indoor garden with a house plant or succulent can be a great first step. Indoor plants are easy to care for and as you grow in the confidence of seeing a seedling bloom, you can advance to an outdoor garden.

If you’re wary about not having green fingers, the good people at Lively Root can help you with that. Lively Root is a company of horticultural experts who grow and deliver eco-friendly plant products right to your doorstep. Besides plants delivery, they will also guide you on how to care for your new plants, so you needn’t worry about that bit. Although based out of San Marcos, California, they deliver to all continental 48 states in the United States and offer free shipping.

3. Get your adrenaline going.


Most people lead cautious lives, but even when nestled deep in this caution there are things we would all like to try. Think of this time as carte blanche to do actualize your wildest dreams. Consider the craziest most absurd activity you would never picture yourself doing and go for it. Book that hot air balloon ride. Make a date to go sky diving. Go sledding in Alaska! The list of all the things you could do is endless, so don’t let fear, vertigo, or anything else hold you back.