Don’t Let the Rain Ruin Your Day: 3 Ways to Exercise When It’s Raining

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For anyone who likes to do their workouts outside, the rain can cause quite an issue. If you’re not properly equipped to workout in the rain, it can be a frustrating experience—your clothes become heavy and you can hardly see. However, if you don’t want to let the rain get in the way of your workout, there are a variety of ways to make exercising on a rainy day more comfortable.

1. Wear proper rain gear.

Exercising in the rain has plenty of benefits and has been proven to make you work out harder than you would normally. If you are determined to continue your workout in the rain, it’s important to have adequate rain gear to help you remain dry and comfortable. Putting a rain poncho on over your workout gear is a great way to remain comfortable and dry while exercising. Rain ponchos will give you the coverage you need while still allowing you full mobility to exercise. For anyone who is serious about working out in the rain, it is a good choice to invest in a durable poncho that has proper ventilation and provides warmth on a chillier day.


2. Use a stroller rain cover.

Since parents often struggle to find the time to work out, rainy days can be frustrating—especially for parents who push a baby stroller while going for a jog. However, purchasing a stroller rain cover is a good choice and will ensure that the rain never gets in the way of your exercise routine again. A durable stroller cover will help keep your child warm and dry during your run so you won’t have to worry about whether they’re uncomfortable. Rain covers are an accessory that’s made for any type of stroller, including double strollers, standard strollers, and bassinet-style strollers.

These durable rain covers have great ventilation for your child and allow you to see your little one as you run, letting you achieve your ultimate rainy day workout. Your toddlers will love it too, as they’ll be able to clearly watch the world around them. Overall, purchasing a rain cover for your stroller is not only a good choice to help you work out in the rain, but these covers also guarantee a smoother ride in the stroller for your baby. You can find some of the best stroller rain cover reviews + weather shield buying guide at


3. Create a makeshift home gym.

If rain ponchos and stroller covers aren’t necessarily your style, you can invest in some home gym equipment to really make sure the rain never prevents you from working out. While purchasing gym equipment may seem intimidating and expensive, it can be quite reasonable if done the right way. If you know what your preferred workouts are, you can purchase equipment for yourself that serves multiple functions. For example, adjustable dumbbells allow you to change the amount of weight you are using, letting you have a variety of workouts with one piece of equipment.

Other types of equipment can serve various functions as well, such as resistance bands. These bands are typically inexpensive and can even be found at your local pharmacy. Resistance bands can be used for a heavy full-body workout or a light physical therapy session—the possibilities with these bands are seemingly endless. Anyone who likes to remain consistent with their daily workouts but doesn’t like to work out in the rain should certainly make a few investments regarding indoor workout equipment.


You don’t necessarily have to have fancy and expensive equipment for an effective workout, you can even use something as simple as soup cans for weights! There are plenty of ways to be creative with your indoor workout on a rainy day, so you’ll never have to blame the rain for missing a workout ever again.

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