Can Sex Dolls Provide Health Benefits for Men?

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The topic of sex toys for men, especially sex dolls, is one that often goes undiscussed due to the stigma surrounding male masturbation and the many misconceptions that come when men use a toy. Fortunately, many men choose to move past this stigma and feel free to explore their sexuality through the use of toys designed for their pleasure. Beyond issues and questions commonly experienced when a male may be looking to purchase a sex toy, one other question that may weigh on their mind is, do sex dolls provide any health benefits for men or are they harmful like society tends to frame them? To better answer your question, here are some more details on the connection between health and using sex dolls for sexual pleasure.


The health benefits of bringing a sex doll into your bedroom

Sex dolls are sex toys that mimic the sensation of having sex with another person. In fact, the market is full of high-quality hyperrealistic android sex dolls that may behave in similar manners to the way a human being would. At the surface level, one could see the benefits of having such a toy in their bedroom. The problem with many male sex toys is that they are often quite limiting in their capabilities and are designed more for quick, intense orgasms than for anything more productive. Deciding to purchase a sex toy that stimulates the physical act of sex can help you practice for real intercourse, which may provide you with more real-life benefits than the average sex toy. In a similar vein, if you are someone who suffers from performance anxiety, these dolls can also help you become more comfortable with reaching orgasm through intercourse.

Beyond the fundamental functions of android love dolls, however, there are several health benefits that come with using a robot sex doll for self-love sessions. These health benefits are tied to the male orgasm as a whole, and include:

  • Reduced Stress and Better Mood: Oxytocin and endorphins are two feel-good chemicals that are released during orgasm. Both of them serve to boost your mood, reduce stress, and make you feel great. This is especially true if you are having strong orgasms like those that you may have when you are using a sex doll rather than going without a toy.
  • Pain Relief: The rush of endorphins is not only helpful in boosting your mood but in battling pain as well. Paired with the corticosteroids that are released during orgasms, these two chemicals can help to relieve pain, whether these are aches and pains you experience regularly or occasional ailments like headaches.
  • Protection Against Prostate Cancer: Men who ejaculate very infrequently throughout the month are at greater risk of developing prostate cancer. Orgasming regularly can serve to clear your body of toxins and ensure that your body is functioning properly and continues to do so, reducing your overall risk of developing this cancer (or severe forms of this cancer) later in life.
  • Longevity: Sex provides two benefits: mental health improvement and physical exercise. Because of this, it is believed that frequent orgasms can help to increase our overall lifespan. Of course, you only really get the physical exercise component during sexual intercourse, which is just another reason why choosing to get a doll instead of a handheld toy is an excellent idea.
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health: Continuing from the above point, engaging in physical activity while having sex or masturbating gets the blood pumping and improves overall heart health and function. If you do have a doll, try to make sure that you are really getting in a workout when you use it to get the most benefits.
  • Better Sleep: Male orgasms end with a rush of oxytocin and dopamine, which make men tired and promote better sleep. This may also be true due to the physical exercise that you get with certain toys.
  • Stronger Pelvic Floor: “If you don’t use it, you lose it”, is certainly one phrase that applies to men. Having regular orgasms defends against erectile dysfunctions, helps you to have stronger orgasms during intercourse, and strengthens muscles that you will need as you age.

Most importantly, choosing to use a sex robot in lieu of other common methods can provide you with more intense orgasms, which is something that most men will always look forward to. Put simply, if you not only want to bring a robot sex doll into your home for pleasure purposes but for health purposes as well, you should make the purchase!

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