Bathroom Remodel: Where to Start

a bathroom with a large tub

People use their bathrooms multiple times per day, making them vital rooms in any home. Bathrooms need plumbing, which makes them one of the most expensive rooms to construct or remodel.

Although a bathroom remodeling project can be expensive, it’s a household upgrade that pays off by increasing your property value. Bathrooms can be complex to renovate, making it a good idea to identify what you need to start your project and where to begin your bathroom remodel.

Determine the scope of the project.

Before you can start renovating your bathroom decide what tasks you want to perform. You may need to hire a plumber to move your plumbing lines or install a separate shower. You may also need an electrician’s services to install overhead lights or relocate electrical outlets.

List your goals. Determine which tasks are crucial. Talk to your contractors so they have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish. For example, some homeowners may want to repaint and replace the tile in their shower surround. Others may want to replace their shower, tub, vanity, and toilet. The project’s scope will significantly impact the time it takes to complete the work and how much your remodeling project costs.

Get estimates and prepare a budget.


You’ll need financing to pay for your bathroom remodel, but you should have a good idea about how much money you’ll need for the upgrades before you apply for financing. Refer to your project list and determine which items and materials you’ll need to purchase to upgrade your bathroom.

Check out an Australian discount warehouse that sells bathroom supplies to find the best price on a range of bathroom items. Discount warehouses sell a wide range of essential bathroom items, including basins, toilets, mirrors, bathroom fixtures, and lights. Visiting a discount warehouse is a great way to get ideas for your remodeling plans and price out bathroom accessories so you can get a clear picture of how much materials should cost. You can explore different types of materials you can choose from and compare the design styles color options.

You can also get estimates from bathroom and shower remodeling companies in Pittsburgh. Their remodelers provide quotes based on the nature of the work for your project. So whether you’re planning to invest in a shower remodel or install a new tub, installation experts can help you determine how much your renovation plans will cost. They can also help you identify the best type of shower for your needs, ensuring you’ve considered all relevant details when finalizing your remodeling plans. For example, if you’re modifying your bathroom to make it handicap accessible, their experts can identify the grab bars you’ll need to install.

Secure financing.


Remodeling a bathroom can reach $25,000, although the average cost is $10,800. Once you’ve added up the costs, you’ll have a good idea of how much money you’ll need to complete your renovation plan. Then, to play it safe, increase your budget by at least 10 percent to the cost of renovations as a contingency fund. This way, if your contractors discover mold behind the walls or an issue with your subfloor, you’ll have the funds to expand the scope of repairs.

You may be able to secure direct financing from some installers. You can also apply for a home equity loan. Banks and credit unions finance home renovation loans. Alternatively, you can opt to use your credit cards or apply for a loan from a private lender. You’ll pay higher interest rates if you use a credit card or private lender financing.

Hire remodeling companies.


Once you have a redesign plan and financing, you’re ready to hire contractors to remodel your bathroom or start the work yourself. If you’re hiring contractors, you can consider hiring an interior designer who’ll oversee the entire project, scheduling subcontractors, and ensuring your renovations are completed on schedule.

Bathroom remodeling projects include complex renovations and simple upgrades. Start by identifying the scope of the project. Then investigate the cost of materials and labor, finalize your budget, and secure financing. Once you have the funds required, you’re ready to hire professionals to complete your bathroom renovation.

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