A Look at 2021’s Hottest Self-Care Products

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After an unconventional year in a global pandemic, more people than ever struggle with mental illness, depression, lack of motivation, and anxiety. For this reason, 2021 is a hot year for gifts like hemp plants, CBD oils, tinctures, home manicure kits, and entertainment options that center around themes of self-care.

As indicators of the pandemic lifting emerge, gift-givers turn to products that will offer tired recipients a hopeful reminder that better times are ahead and that their mental wellness matters. Others celebrate that they’ve made it this far in difficult times by rewarding themselves with cannabinoid products, the best CBD oils, and tools for home pedicures.

If you’re curious about top self-care gift ideas for you or your loved ones in 2021, read on.

Beauty Products and Home Spas


Beauty products are always big sellers, but the beauty market has changed since the global pandemic. Because people aren’t able to get out for a day at the spa with their favorite nail technician for an acrylic nail job, a new trend of home spas and beauty routines is hot in 2021. Whether it’s a glittery nail polish, the best nail buffer kit, or a home wax or skin conditioning treatment, beauty products for use at home are great to consider when thinking self-care gifts this year.

Maybe you or your loved one have been stuck at home for a year with online schooling and remote work. While you might be okay with looking at your natural nails, for now, it’ll soon be time to head back into the office or drop the kids off at school. For someone like you, now could be a great time to pick up nail files and buffers to reshape your nail surface. Soon enough, you’ll be back at the spa and will be glad you took the time to care for yourself until then.

Believe it or not, a big part of our confidence is shaped not only by our appearance but from the side effects of great self-care. If you’re someone who’s changed healthy beauty habits and exercise routines because of the pandemic, now is a great time to get back on track. Consider products to promote healthy nails, coconut oils or CBD creams for skin conditioning, and even pet products that could get you outside with your furry friend again.

CBD Products


Perhaps the hottest 2021 self-care trend is CBD products. Available in gummies, tinctures, pills, edibles, oils, and creams, CBD products are a great option for anyone looking to manage pain, get better sleep, reduce inflammation, and increase overall energy. Popular with people looking for relaxation, CBD products can reduce insomnia and are an all-natural alternative to chronic pain medications a person might take for arthritis.

The great thing about CBD oils, tinctures, and other products is that they can be used for pets, too. Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of organic CBD oil for dogs, or that pet CBD products can help senior dogs with the aches and pains of getting older. For pet parents looking to help their pets relax, the solution could be as simple as a drop of CBD oil in a furry friend’s food. Maybe you have a dog who gets stressed out during long car rides. A CBD could be exactly what your pup needs to enjoy the ride.

Books and Movies


You don’t have to be a pet owner or great with a home manicure to know the value in entertainment or even an old favorite re-run. One of the easiest ways to relax, a favorite movie, streaming service, or book can be great ways to unwind, leading to peace of mind, quality of life, and better overall mental wellness. For this reason, gifts that provide entertainment remain among the hottest again this year. Whether it’s the technology required to bring the entertainment into our homes or the movies, books, and shows themselves, all are great gift ideas to consider with so many still stuck at home.

Self-care products are a great way to help a friend suffering from pandemic fatigue or even just working hard to get through the day. Whether for a special occasion, anniversary, birthday or just because, consider one of this year’s hottest self-care products as a gift for yourself or your loved one. While you’re there, think about picking up a self-care product for an essential worker in your community, too.

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