A Brides’ Checklist: 10 Things to Take Care of Before the Big Day

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If you’re getting ready to marry the love of your life, you shouldn’t have to worry about a bunch of last-minute tasks clouding your mind. Whether it’s months out or if you find yourself with just a week before your big day, here’s a checklist of all the things you should make sure are in order.

1. Take some extra time off work to take care of loose ends before you say “I do.”

Always take a bit more time off than you think you may need, just in case anything last-minute comes up and you need to take care of it before the big day!

2. Break-in your shoes.

Make sure you spend some time ahead of the wedding walking around in your ceremony and reception shoes to break them in and make them nice and comfy when you hit that dance floor.

3. Test drive your makeup look.

Before your wedding, test drive your makeup look to make sure you are happy with it and it accentuates all the right features. This may also be necessary if you’re learning to use something like magnetic eyelashes, which can boost your natural lash for a great eyelash look but can take some getting used to.

4. Coordinate with your toast-givers.

Nothing is worse than starting your wedding reception and realizing that the Maid of Honor and Best Man were not aware they were to be giving toasts. Always check in with your toast-givers to make sure they are comfortable, and shift the duty if needed.

5. Finalize the seating chart.

Finalizing your seating chart is another big tip for before the wedding reception. Work with your fiancee to figure out who would be best seated with who, and whether you’d like to play matchmaker for any of your friends while you’re at it.

6. Follow up with anyone who hasn’t RSVP’d.

A couple of weeks before your wedding, it could behoove you to reach out to anyone who has not yet RSVP’d to see whether they are coming so you can deliver a final headcount to the caterers and the venue.

7. Get to know your DJ Service.

Before your wedding day, make sure you both choose a great DJ and get acquainted with the DJ you choose. RMF DJs, a wedding DJ Bozeman, offers a full DJ service of disc jockeys who pride themselves on knowing you, what you’re looking for out of your wedding or event, and giving you the best DJ experience you can have on your beautiful wedding day. Everyone deserves to dance and have a good time at their reception, so make sure you chat with your Bozeman DJ to let them know of any music they should or should not play when it comes time to face the music.

8. Create a day-of rundown or itinerary.

Something that can quell a lot of anxious thoughts and chaos on the day of is creating an itinerary of how you’d like everything to go. Even if it doesn’t all go to plan, making the itinerary can bring a lot of calm on your day.

9. Chat with your photographer.

Before your photo session, make sure you chat with your photographer about the mood you’re going for with your photography on your big day. Make sure he or she knows about any poses you may not like, sides you’d rather not accentuate, and let them get acquainted with the different groups that will be pictured together so that they can get an idea of what your special day will be like.

10. Designate someone to post play-by-plays on social media with your hashtag.

If you have a special wedding hashtag, designate a cousin or one of your bridesmaids to be posting on social media throughout the reception with your special tag. This could encourage others to post their photos and memories as well, and by the end of the night, you will have a great go-to spot online for wedding moments.

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