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Almost 3.9 million college students were expected to graduate in the United States in 2020. The number of high school graduates in the same year was expected to be 3.7 million, bringing the total number of graduates from secondary and postsecondary schools to over 7.5 million.

Parents and grandparents may want to purchase a gift for someone who is graduating to help celebrate this occasion. If you are approaching your graduate’s commencement date, you may find the perfect gift from these options.

1. Jewelry


Jewelry is a personal gift that can have lasting significance and value for the recipient. You can opt to invest in lab created diamond rings to pass on a real diamond that will retain value. You can choose to include a necklace and earrings with the ring, or opt to purchase one of those pieces of jewelry instead. Lab created diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds because they are not extracted from the Earth. They are indistinguishable from natural diamonds and are environmentally-friendly.

2. Electronics


You can help your graduate with their practical needs by choosing a laptop from TheStore’s selection of refurbished computers. Refurbished computers include computers that have been returned to because of operational issues or imperfections. A computer that is returned because of a small scratch or dent will be marked as refurbished and sold for a discount price. This is an affordable way to purchase the equipment that your graduate needs to help them with their future career or studies. If your graduate already has a computer, you may want to consider purchasing them a tablet, e-reader, or new smartphone.

3. A New Wardrobe

Individuals who are preparing to enter the workforce or start college may find that they need specific types of clothing that they did not wear during high school. A great way to give your graduate a meaningful gift is to invest in a new wardrobe that can meet their future needs. The wardrobe can include outfits, accessories, and footwear. You can opt to give them gift certificates to reputable retail outlets or take them on a shopping trip yourself so that they can select outfits that they like.

4. Transportation


Many graduates are preparing to move away from home and they have many new, practical needs. Transportation is vital. Your graduate may need a transit pass, bicycle, or vehicle to travel to work or school. You may opt to purchase their transit pass for them or help them purchase a car or another type of vehicle that they can use to meet their personal needs.

Your graduate may also need airfare or train tickets if they are going to apply for jobs far from home or are relocating to a college in another part of the country. You may choose to purchase them tickets to travel to their destination or gift them with tickets to return home for holidays, such as Thanksgiving.

5. Vacation


Graduates have spent many years studying. Once they graduate, it can be nice to encourage some relaxation. One way you can help your graduate celebrate is by investing in a vacation for them. You can opt to send them to the ocean for a long weekend. You may also choose to pay for them to take a trip to a destination they have always dreamed of visiting, such as Paris or Tokyo.

6. Recreational Classes


You can encourage long-term relaxation and self-improvement by investing in recreational classes for your graduate. Perhaps they have always wanted to learn to make pottery or play the guitar but lacked the time to do so because of their studies.

Paying for a recreational class when they graduate can be an excellent way of acknowledging their accomplishment and their interests at the same time. You can also choose to buy them a gym membership. This can be a great way to promote your graduate’s physical health.

7. Financial Assistance


Individuals who are starting college or entering the workforce have many expenses. They are often learning how to manage their money for the first time. You can help them cover those costs by providing a trust fund or giving them money when they graduate.

You can also pay for them to meet with a financial advisor who can help them create a budget and plan for future expenses. Ensuring your graduate has a good understanding of how to manage their finances can help them prepare for long-term financial stability.

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