5 Ways to Help Make Your Aging Parents’ Lives Easier

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As your parent’s age, the roles reverse. As a child, they cared for you in the best way they could. Now, you have to find ways to effectively care for your parents. This transition feels overwhelming and challenging at times. For many, it can lead to constant worry. However, you can achieve peace of mind and a great quality of life for your parents even in their old age. Keep reading to explore five tips and ideas to implement immediately to make your parents’ lives easier and more enjoyable.

1. Make appropriate accommodations.


Now that your parents are a bit older, they can’t do the same tasks with the same ease that they used to. This limit in their abilities is extremely frustrating for many elderly people. One everyday task that as become more difficult and dangerous is bathing. Traditional bathtubs are dangerous for older people and young people alike. Studies from the CDC report that there are around 234,094 injuries every year from bathroom usage. To minimize your parents’ potential injuries you should consider looking into a walk-in bathtub. Follow this walk in tub guide for assistance on the right choice. These walk-in tubs are perfect for seniors with mobility issues. For example, if your parent has a wheelchair or limited mobility, then they’ll need this kind of bathtub to bathe effectively, safely, and independently. A walk-in bathtub meshes style and function so that your parents get all of the benefits of this kind of tub like no-slip features, handrails, and sensors to gauge water temperature. Overall, a walk-in tub is a great addition to your parents’ home to make their lives much easier.

2. Prioritize checkups.


Another important part of caring for your parents is making sure they’re on top of their health. This means facilitating regular check-ups with a variety of doctors. This includes their primary care doctor, eye doctor, dentist, and other specialists they should see routinely. As your parent’s age, one type of doctor you should consider finding is an audiologist. An audiologist is an ear doctor and hearing professional who can help your parents adjust as their hearing changes. The CDC reports that hearing loss increases with age. About one in four adults over just fifty years old experience some degree of hearing loss. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to get your parents some guidance from the hearing professionals. This way they can get a hearing aid that works for them or, if they already have a hearing aid, they can get hearing aid repairs and other check-ins to ensure their hearing devices are working appropriately.

3. Spend quality time together.


Social interaction is vital to feeling good. No one feels good when they’re isolated. This is why you should try to spend time with your parents. If you have grandchildren you can have them visit, too. You will surely brighten your parents’ day by stopping by to say hello. You can get together just for a visit, to eat lunch or dinner, or offer to go see a movie. If you can’t physically spend time with your parents because of distance or the current pandemic measures, you can always call them or video chat with them. It’s those little moments that enrich their lives and bring them joy.

4. Stay active.


You might notice that it’s difficult to personally manage to stay fit and active. This is the case with your parents as well. If you can find the time, go for a short walk with your parents. Or, if you still have both parents, encourage them to go for short walks when the weather is nice. Maybe see if their friends do any activities that they can join in with as well. Other forms of exercise that are highly beneficial for seniors are tai chi, meditation, and light aerobic activity.

5. Keep their mind alert.


Last but certainly not least is to have your parents keep their minds sharp. This means finding things to do that makes them think and problem solve. The options for this are limitless. They can try puzzles like Suduko or crosswords. They can also play games like Scrabble or Yahtzee that require some thinking skills. If your parent loves to read, consider buying them a new book or an e-reader on which they can enlarge the font. By incorporating these additions into their life, they can reap mood-boosting health benefits and enhanced cognitive abilities.