5 Simple Ways to Find Happiness

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Americans are tough, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t affected by negativity or high-stress situations. It can be difficult to create and maintain our happiness in the face of such strain that seems to naturally occur around us. However, it can be simpler than we think. Finding happiness and positivity requires a commitment to small, daily changes and a measure of perseverance that all of us already possess.

1. Get out and get active.


The easiest way to improve your mood is to get yourself out for a walk or a run every day. Exercise releases endorphins, a naturally occurring chemical, into the bloodstream and they act as a painkiller and boost happiness in the process. Exercise can act as a jumpstart that sets your mind and body back on track. Happiness is a state of mind, and getting there can feel like an uphill battle. Starting small with a daily walk and then progressing from there has become the first step in that hike for countless struggling Americans. Don’t try to run a 5K on your first day! Even a 15-minute walk around your neighborhood will do wonders for your emotional and physical wellbeing.

2. Change up your diet.


Another easy change is in your diet. If you sit down to unhealthy foods every night you may be hindering your happiness through a simply resolved dietary issue. The fast-food that has come to make up a staple of the American diet almost certainly contain MSG, a sodium-based taste enhancer in just about every meal. The compound naturally occurs in certain foods, but as an additive in the cooking process, it has been known to increase exhaustion and a range of short term symptoms including headaches and chest pains that can wear away at a person’s positivity.

Cooking your own food is a great start, and adding in a Marigold Botanicals CBD product or another flavor-enhancing alternative while cooking simple recipes for yourself might just be the change you need. CBD oil can be used in lightweight doses to texture your dish with a delicious flavor depth while adding heart-healthy minerals to your diet to replace those harming your mental and physical health. The efficacy of these products means that a little goes a long way. The Food and Drug Administration has begun testing the effects of this compound and FDA approval has only green-lighted a drug variety thus far.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of its natural health benefits. Marigold and other CBD oil producers are committed to producing safe and organic CBD oil that can compete with coconut oils in their alternative to olives while adding the anti-inflammatory and peace of mind properties inherent to the plant’s products.

3. Adopt a loving companion.


Fostering or adopting a pup is a time commitment, but it’s worth it. Taking a dog into your home might be the perfect way to immediately inject positivity and laughs into your daily life. Puppies, in particular, are always up to something silly, and walking or snuggling your new pooch is a surefire way to make you smile. To make the adjustment seamless, getting your dog the best products will ensure their comfort in their new home. Get the best dog harness on the market for walks and you’ll be a proud dog owner with a well-behaved pup. Joyride Harness fits the bill perfectly.

Simple collar leashes can choke puppies, while harnesses hold them more comfortably and safely. A harness straps around the dog’s chest rather than its neck so that the leash attachment point rides lower on your dog’s skin and center of gravity. This gives you better control on walks and improves your dog’s comfort at the same time – no more tugging on his trachea while he’s hopelessly trying to run after another puppy down the road! Adjustable harnesses are perfect for small dogs and even larger dogs and make your entry into the upbeat world of dog ownership that much easier.

4. Upgrade your wardrobe.


Buying a few new pieces of clothing can also improve your mood — that’s why researchers suggest getting dressed for the office even if you are working from home. Picking out just one or two pairs of jeans or new tops that you can wear as armor to combat particularly tough days does far more than you might think. Infusing a mixture of comfort and style in the form of something new into your typical routine can push you out of the rut you are facing at home, work, or school.

5. Talk it out.


If nothing else is breaking you from a pattern of negativity, try just talking. Talk to your friends, parents or siblings. Typically talking through whatever is going on in your life is enough to help you break the streak you’re battling. Your friends and family are your best form of defense against negativity; they are in your corner, through the good times and the bad. Talking about what you are feeling can get it off your chest, and alert those who love you to the issues you are facing. If life feels like it’s too much to face alone, reach out. That’s what friends are for.

Happiness is a state of mind, and with some simple changes to your static routine, you can quickly and dramatically find it again.

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