3 Reasons You Need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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Being involved in a medical malpractice mess can be stressful enough, however, trying to deal with it without legal advice can be detrimental. A malpractice lawyer will fight for you to get the compensation you need to cover medical expenses, time lost from work, and emotional distress.

Lawsuits are stressful but with the right knowledge and team on your side, you may be able to get some peace of mind back after this traumatic experience. Finding yourself out of work because your doctor didn’t properly diagnosis you or surgery that has gone wrong are only a couple of reasons why you need a lawyer. Here are three reasons you need a malpractice lawyer.

Not every medical case that seems to have gone awry is considered medical malpractice. Having surgery or a medical procedure can come with complications. Beforehand, your doctor should give you papers to sign giving consent and listing the risks. Differences in opinions between physicians about your medical issues are acceptable to obtain and consider. However, the problematic circumstances come in when doctors begin to make major errors in diagnosis, disregard for your safety, and accidents during surgery.

A medical malpractice claim has to have a few reasons to be brought to the attention of the court. For example, a victim needs to show a doctor was hired for the injury in question and that he accepted them as their patient. The injury in question has to be shown to be the physician’s fault due to negligence and not because of another illness or injury.

Another important part of a medical malpractice case is proving loss of income, mobility, physical and mental pain, and other life-altering situations that happened because of this specific doctor’s negligence.

Lack of Safety

One example of how doctors can attempt to avoid medical negligence are keeping detailed records of their patients, clear communication about diagnosis and potential management, and keeping up with new and developing treatments, technologies, and medications. Doctors themselves can benefit from having medical malpractice insurance. Patients want to know their doctor is honestly invested in their care and keeping up with following through with additional appointments. After surgery, your doctor should discuss with you what to expect and set up a future post-surgical appointment.

Explaining to patients the risks of returning to their regular activities or diet is crucial for proper healing. If you receive sleeve surgery for example, if a doctor doesn’t talk about the importance of following the special diet, there is a risk of internal injury due to stretching of the remaining organs or getting extremely sick from overeating. A medical malpractice lawyer may take your case if the evidence shows the doctor disregarded your medical histories such as heart issues or mental health conditions.


Mistakes during medical procedures can be prevented, for example, more dedication to attentiveness, safety, and following proper protocols. In the United States, almost ten thousand people die yearly from prescription mistakes such as prescribing the wrong dose or mixture of medications together. In busy clinics or hospitals, doctors and nurses are trying to treat many patients with a variety of emergencies and other issues.

This is when a dangerous mistake can occur when medical professionals aren’t concentrating or overworked and not paying close attention. Getting in touch with medical malpractice lawyers can assist you if you find yourself a victim of an improper test or wrong diagnosis.


Physicians who recommend unnecessary tests, surgeries, or medications for monetary gains aren’t looking out for your health. Relationships between doctors and pharmaceutical companies that benefit all parties monetarily, but safely, are normal. If a brand of medication honestly helps more than another that also pays well, a doctor may be more willing to prescribe it. However, there could be a link to brand-named medicines prescribed more often because of monetary kickbacks and not overall benefits.

This can be dangerous if patients aren’t necessarily in need of particular drugs or can cause other medication-related problems such as addiction. Over-prescribing medication can result in serious conditions such as brain trauma, coma, seizures, and death. Medical errors like these that can be linked to a doctor or hospital should be discussed with a medical malpractice attorney to help guide you and your loved ones through the next steps in your case.

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